IMPOPHOMO RUSHING WATERS (Impophomo) is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) [Reg. No. 090-889] focusing on the socio – economic development of various impoverished communities. Impophomo is currently implementing a holistic development programme for the Zandspruit Community with emphasis on socio-economic empowerment of the people. This empowerment programme consists of various focus projects.

Meaning of the word Impophomo:

The word “Impophomo” is taken from the Zulu word meaning “Rushing Waters”. The meaning implies that just as life on earth is dependent on water so Impophomo provides much needed sustainable socio-economic development to impoverished communities.

Why Zandspruit?

Its residents are confronted, daily, with a different view of society, as the settlement literally borders a lavish green golf estate. Zandspruit means ‘sand river’ or ‘river that no longer flows’. Appropriately named, then, Impophomo, which means ‘rushing water’, aims to nourish Zandspruit with an abundant supply of spiritual water.

Our vision for Zandspruit:

Our pilot socio-economic development programme of Impophomo focuses on the holistic development of an informal settlement called “Zandspruit”, which is located in Northern Johannesburg along Beyers Naude Drive, in Honeydew. It is estimated that 13,000 families constituting a population of about 65,000 people live on an area of land the size of 50 hectares. The population of Zandspruit is made up of mostly children, teenagers and young adults. Daily, these youth are faced with social ills such as unemployment, teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, drug abuse, alcoholism, gangsterism, poverty, and the lack of recreational activities and low levels of education.