Urban Food Production and Farming

Key Benefits & Project Objectives

Targets the poorest of the poor. Initial focus on nutritious food production and security at household level. Income creation and selling excess to local markets. Empowerment of farmers and cooperatives to increase their production and become more competitive and provide the community with skills development, mentorship, infrastructure and enterprise development support .This project is about changing previous ideas about food production and it empowers households and farmers to feed their families and generate income.

Food Security and Urban Agriculture

Farmer’s Training Overview:

Open to all interested members in the form of Learning Groups and Practical On site Application.Households / Farmers learn Sustainable Organic Production:

  • Importance of balanced nutrition and planning for household production.
  • Trench-bed properties and preparation.
  • Soil fertility management; liquid manure production & mulching.
  • Crop rotation and companion planting. Plant health, pest and disease management.
  • Marketing and farming business and enterprise development.
  • Fruit tree planting, bag-gardening and non-tillage maize production.
  • Vision, Leadership and Practical Application necessary for development success.

Community Sports Development


Football is very close to the heart of the Youth in the community. Impophomo held its first ‘Knock-Out Format’ tournament, in 2009, which is now an annual event around Youth Day. The last tournament was held in August 2015, where over hundreds of people from the community participated with much joy. The programme has brought hope and encouraged the youth to dream beyond their current circumstances.

  • R 100,000 donated towards sports development.
  • Sports MEC and leaders in attendance and very thankful to Impophomo.
  • Many volunteers from partners and businesses used to setup and run the day.
  • Impophomo is working with all the football clubs and coaches in Zandspruit to develop the youth and train them in life skills for the future.
  • In 2016, Impophomo will begin a broad-based youth sports development programme to create opportunities for the youth to escape poverty.

Sponsored Sports Equipment

“The day of the tournament was great because that day someone could have died, but because we were at the tournament, many lives were saved. It prevented a lot of negative things from happening. Even our talents were showcased because it’s no use showcasing our talents amongst each other, because we know each other. – We know that God is there for us when we pray” – Snethemba (from the Zandspruit Community), sharing his testimony the Impophomo tournament.

Skills Development and Education

CareerBuild: Skills and Education

CareerBuild is a proudly South African, non-profit organisation that enables previously disadvantaged youth between the ages of 17 to 25  to realise their career dreams through coaching and career education. The CareerBuild team enlists the help of passionate and committed people, who are dedicated to assisting school leavers, students, graduates and job seekers to build a step-by-step, realistic plan of paving the way to their dream careers, by providing information and support in the development of their careers.

CareerBuild started in 2007 to equip Zandspruit learners from the ages of 17-25 to choose, plan and build their future careers. It is a 6 – 8 week programme using training exercises, workshops, and draws mainly volunteers from Northpoint to act as ‘life coaches’ for guidance and mentorship.

The outcome of the programme is detailed career plans and envisioning according to their discovered talents. After each programme, a Graduation Ceremony is held in honour of the learners. This programme has a very high success rate is in linking graduates successfully to identified careers and establishment of businesses.

To date about 250 learners have graduated through this programme, with 60 graduating in 2015, from schools in Zandspruit and Cosmo.The heart of CareerBuild is to empower learners with knowledge and mentor them into becoming the best people and leaders of the future.

Many learners who have come through the programme are now working in the fields identified in their Career Path Plans and Many have established successful businesses. The relationships built between mentors and learners are ongoing and hopefully last a life time.

Development of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial development

To date about 16 entrepreneurs have benefitted from business mentorship support by Impophomo. The programme aims to teach basic business administration and marketing skills. The heart of the programme is incubating and discipling people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and greater business effectiveness. Areas of entrepreneurship include trading, clothing manufacture, food production and services. Going forward we aim to undertake more enhanced business development, mentorship, training and support.


Food & Clothing Support

Impophomo provides food and clothing on a regular basis to poorest families through; Zandspruit Clinic, Zandspruit crèches and pre-schools, Community Organisations in Zandspruit, Lion Park Community Organisations, and Northpoint church.

Over 2015 Impophomo has provided around 1,000 handouts of food and clothes to needy families.Our volunteers use every opportunity to counsel and pray with those families and to build lasting relationships.

Require Donations of old clothes, food, blankets, toiletries, washing soaps, stationery, books and Bibles.

More volunteers and corporate partnership needed.

Disaster Support

In 2015 Impophomo provided disaster relief for 21 separate instances where homes were destroyed, including the Kaya Sands disaster. Impophomo helped with furniture, clothing, food and blankets. Our coordinators were able to help, counsel and pray with destitute families.

Future requirements:

Donations of old clothing, bedding, mattress and furniture we are able to contribute to the needs of the poor. Being available to help and counsel the destitute after even the little they have had been taken from them. Innovative preventative concepts needed.

Greater corporate partnership required.

Corporate Investment Events

Impophomo requires funding support from corporates for its poverty alleviation and empowerment in poor communities. These events seek to create corporate awareness and support for Impophomo’s socio-economic development programmes.

Impophomo is an effective avenue for corporates to partner effectively where their CSI has meaningful impact on the poor and credibility. Impophomo’s key partner is Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions, which is a company specializing in the design and implementation of socio-economic development programmes. All of Impophomo’s programmes are managed on a charitable basis using Umsizi’s knowledge, skill and experience.

Impophomo is able to provide tax exemptions and BBBEE compliance certificates for partnering corporates. We are trusting for an increase in corporate partnerships.

Christmas Gift Project

In 2014, Impophomo donated 700 gift boxes to underprivileged children in Zandspruit pre-schools, churches and Lion Park. Impophomo volunteers did puppet shows, dances and creative shows and music.

Recreational events were undertaken at 4 communities where the gifts were handed out to children and parents. The teachers, parents and students were motivated and encouraged for the future.

The Christmas gift has brought much joy to families which would often go without. “The greatest gift one could ever receive is the gift of giving to someone else.”

Other Projects

Impophomo supplies gas, maize meal and food to Alpheus Mashile’s Soup kitchen that feeds hundreds of elderly, poor and disabled people daily.

Zandspruit Library and computer room have been equipped with Computers through Northpoint and library books donated by Olivedale Library.

Soup Kitchen and Community Centre

Impophomo Continues to partner with the soup kitchens, libraries and community centres, Assist in the establishment of a new community center and help to improve structures e.g. kitchens, install ceilings, install extractor fan, whirly bird, assist with equipment, acquire more computers, books and desks and develop a healthy nutritional plan to improve health of families as well as teaching people to grow healthy food to meet their basic needs and to sell for income and plan outreach events to provide assistance to the needy.

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