An Appeal for Support

IMPOPHOMO DISASTER RESPONSE: Relief Effort for Communities Most Affected by COVID-19

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Impophomo Rushing Waters (Impophomo) is a BBBEE-certified broad-based NPO [Reg. No. 090-889] focussing on development and empowerment of disadvantaged communities in Johannesburg through socio-economic development (SED) and/or welfare. Our primary target beneficiary communities are Zandspruit, Lion Park and Tsakane. In addition, Gauteng Disaster Management Services (GDMS) has issued permits to Impophomo granting disaster relief status to help distressed persons and communities.


We are living in unprecedented times. With President Ramaphosa’s announcement of the extension of the national lockdown by an additional 14 days to curb the disaster of COVID-19, we are preparing for an incredible challenge ahead for many people. Impophomo is committed to a proactive response through bringing relief and hope to the poorest of the poor who are most affected. Our aim is to intentionally help those who are vulnerable, elderly, weak, at risk, sick and in dire need, in our local communities.


We are trusting to provide mercy and support in the following ways:

  • Provide material support e.g. food, meals, clothes, sanitary items, blankets and other basic needs assistance.
  • Assist with distributing groceries, medicines and basic necessities to the elderly.
  • Assist with other special needs for those who are suffering and sick.
  • Provide helpful, accurate information, encouragement and advice.
  • Partner with local government, aid agencies and other humanitarian efforts in this time of crisis.

We can only provide mercy with your urgent help in the following ways:

  • The demand for material resources is already surpassing what Impophomo is ordinarily able to supply, and the need will only increase in the days to come. As such we are making an urgent appeal to all corporate enterprises for donations in cash to procure food, meals, fruit, vegetables, clothes, sanitary items, blankets, sanitizer, toilet paper, masks, gloves, and other basic necessities as needs arise.
  • Impophomo is recognised by the Gauteng Provincial Disaster Management Services as a provider of essential services and welfare organization, to help meet the needs of the vulnerable and poor during the lockdown and in the months to follow.
  • We are committed to effective and equitable distribution to those most needy beneficiaries, wherever possible.
  • Cash donations can be made into the following account: Impophomo Rushing Waters; Standard Bank; Account: 402344510; Code: 051001.
  • We are also investigating how to partner effectively with other organisations and remote volunteers in coordination and follow-up with those in need, and distribution of mercy relief. As such we are also working with our networks on the ground to be made aware of unique needs which will arise over the course of this pandemic, and welcome all such information.


We are grateful that our national leadership has taken these drastic steps to avert looming disaster, but all of us are urged to be leaders in this time, in our families, places of work and communities. Let us unite against fear, panic and ignorance and respond with knowledge, wisdom, hope and compassion.


Your donations will go directly to those who are suffering and in need, while all operations are covered by Umsizi Sustainable Social Solutions (Pty) Ltd (, and Northpoint City Church (, the founders of Impophomo. Every contribution is heartily welcome, and with this donation you will help us directly impact the lives of the disadvantaged, the vulnerable and the disenfranchised. A Section 18A certificate and confirmation of 100% HDSA beneficiaries can be provided for B-BBEE purposes.


Please visit our website ( for more information on all our outreach projects. Should you have any questions regarding any of our outreach projects and events, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Project Co-ordinator Ntsoaki Mtimkulu on cell: 0790784411 or email, or Carole Koussa on cell: 0761647373 or email The office number is 0117912157.


Thank you in advance for your time and consideration of our request. May God be with us all and enable us to reach out and assist many in this crisis.


Kind regards,


John-Mark Kilian

Director of Impophomo