Alleviating Poverty in South Africa: How You Can Help

Poverty in South Africa is a broad and complex issue. A history of unspeakable inequalities and a rocky development path over the last 20 years have left millions below the poverty line. Many individuals would like to help, but how can they get involved? Also, many businesses have acknowledged the dire need of so many disadvantaged citizens. These companies are willing to come alongside government to help solve the problems. They want to partner in uplifting the socio-economic situation of our nation’s poor. How can these corporates invest into positive change for our nation?

Here are 6 ways we at Impophomo are helping indigent households and communities to thrive. Anyone can get involved.


Developing livelihoods

Alleviating poverty in South Africa must start with a focus on the poorest of the poor. Impophomo works with the community of Zandspruit in the North of Johannesburg. We have tackled the issue of poverty by focussing on projects which can generate sustainable income in the community. Reducing poverty requires the creation of jobs and enterprises. You or your company can join in sponsoring these efforts.


Providing for basic needs

Some families are unable to focus on a productive livelihood until they can meet their basic needs. Impophomo supplies food and clothing support to the neediest households in the community. Setting people on a productive path is the end goal. If you are able to donate toward this, we can help with distribution of food, clothing and basic necessities to the people of Zandspruit. We also improve the basic living conditions of those who are suffering.

The poorest of the poor are also more vulnerable when calamity strikes. We provide disaster relief in the event of fire, devastating weather conditions, or other adverse circumstances. Donations are welcome.


Developing skills and education

Impophomo works with several schools within Zandspruit. We assist with providing necessities and support for the education of young people. We also have several successful mentorship programmes, life skills courses and career plotting projects. The goal here is to break the poverty cycle and alleviate poverty in South Africa into the next generation. One way to get involved here is to participate in our annual “Christmas Gift” programme.


Developing the community

Poverty brings with it a series of societal and mental ills which make it difficult for people to thrive. We run community development programmes with a broader focus than finances alone. Our annual sports tournament in Zandspruit has proven to be a huge success. There is a strong youth development focus for this and other programmes. We also focus on developing women and run outreaches such as our Mandela Day programmes, for which you can volunteer.


Relational focus

People in affected communities walk an incredibly difficult road. We have a focus on life guidance and support for those who are struggling. We have seen positive results and feedback from counselling the distressed, meeting with community leaders and stakeholders to develop partnerships, developing leaders and praying with community members.


Partnering with businesses

We have successfully applied Corporate Social Investment strategies in which everybody wins: The corporates, who can make a meaningful difference in their country of operation, and especially the people on the ground who receive a real benefit to their households and futures.

We are always open to help from people who would like to volunteer or donate to make a concrete difference to the plight of our nation’s poor. Together we can alleviate poverty in South Africa.