Development of Entrepreneurs

Development of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial development

Impophomo provides business mentorship support programmes. The MyBusiness programme aims to teach basic business administration and marketing skills. The heart of the programme is leading people into greater business effectiveness. Areas of entrepreneurship include trading, clothing manufacture, food production and services. We place a premium on principles aiding business development, mentorship, training, support, and also life guidance and discipleship according to Biblical principles and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. All our programmes are designed for true empowerment so that the entrepreneurial initiatives can continue to develop should support be removed.


Career path planning

MyFuture is a Broad-Based Livelihoods programme consisting of five workshops. Impophomo finds that many people in informal settlements feel stuck without opportunities and without clarity on their life calling, resulting in despondency and often leading to negative social behaviours and the abuse of a range of substances. Through the MyFuture sessions, participants are introduced to structured methods to analyse the areas for improvements in their lives, to develop and capture a personal vision for their future, and to map out a pathway and required behaviours to systematically pursue and achieve their visions.


The MyFuture programme is unique in that it has no barriers to entry. Anyone, of any age, gender, race, level of education, or socio-economic status can participate and benefit if they wish to. The training is a seamless mix of theory and practical application, resulting in immediate implementation of the skills learnt.

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