Food & Clothing Support

I can sleep at night, knowing we have a way out … thank you for your assistance and teamwork.

Alphaeus Mashile

Food & Clothing Support


Impophomo provides food and clothing on a regular basis to poorest families through robust relationships with partners and stakeholders at Zandspruit Clinic, Zandspruit crèches and pre-schools, Community Organisations in Zandspruit, Lion Park Community Organisations, and NorthPoint City Church.


In addition, we provide ongoing support to Mashile's Soup Kitchen in Zandspruit, who in turn supports the elderly in Zandspruit with meals on a regular basis. Our support for them has taken the form of renovation and upgrades to the kitchen facilities, and provision of food supplies.


Annually, Impophomo has provided around 1,000 handouts of food and clothes to needy families. Our volunteers use every opportunity to counsel and pray with those families and to build lasting relationships.


We accept donations of old clothes, food, blankets, toiletries, washing soaps, stationery, books and Bibles.


More volunteers and corporate partnership is needed. Please consider partnering with us.

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