Food Production and Farming

when Impophomo arrived, they promised only training, but we have received much more than they promised. I am very happy.

Alphaeus Mashile

Urban Food Production and Farming


Key Benefits & Project Objectives


The MyFood programme targets the poorest of the poor. The initial focus is on nutritious food production and security at the household level. The scope of the programme includes income creation and selling of excess produce to local markets. We seek to empower urban farmers and cooperatives to increase their production in order to become more competitive. We provide the community with skills development, mentorship, infrastructure and enterprise development support. This project is about changing previous ideas about food production and it empowers households and farmers to feed their families and generate income.


Food Security and Urban Agriculture

Farmer’s Training Overview:


Farmer's training is open to all interested community members in the form of Learning Groups and Practical On-site Application. Households and farmers learn Sustainable Organic Production:

  • Importance of balanced nutrition and planning for household production.
  • Trench-bed properties and preparation.
  • Soil fertility management; liquid manure production & mulching.
  • Crop rotation and companion planting. Plant health, pest and disease management.
  • Marketing and farming business and enterprise development.
  • Fruit tree planting, bag-gardening and non-tillage maize production.
  • Vision, Leadership and Practical Application necessary for development success.