Impophomo in 2021: Empowerment and Development at Work

Despite the challenges that this year has brought, Impophomo has been able to actively reach and empower many people in 2021, thanks to the donations from corporates and private individuals.

Here are a few examples and details of what we have accomplished this year.


Sports equipment handover


Impophomo has a vision to use sports as a vehicle to address the challenges the youth are facing in disadvantaged communities.


Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we were unable to hold the 12th annual Zandspruit Sports Tournament that we host in partnership with the Zandspruit Sports Forum. Despite the restrictions, the work did not stop. Part of the resources raised for this event were directed towards training soccer and netball coaches, as well as providing membership cards and covering affiliation fees.


Impophomo donated custom-made kits for the players, as well as netball and soccer balls to eight local football teams, and four netball teams, based in Zandspruit.


Women Empowerment


Impophomo empowers women through livelihoods development, skills and entrepreneurial development, career planning and life skills development, and also through extensive welfare support and food aid. We entered into a new phase with Momentum Group, who were very eager to support our Women Empowerment initiatives. We also held a Women’s Empowerment event within Zandspruit where we offered support and ministry for women within the community. We concurrently ran a men’s event to tackle issues of gender-based violence and dealing with addiction.


Early Childhood Development


In partnership with our donors, notably Centurion Systems, we procured and handed over essential schooling supplies to schools and pre-schools in disadvantaged communities. School principals and teachers responded with immense gratitude and celebrated the greater opportunities this will afford young scholars as they start their education.


Food Gardens


For the last eleven years, Impophomo has partnered with Zandspruit community volunteers, training them on food production. The work continued this year as we train them on agricultural techniques, installation of food tunnels, as well as infrastructure. On completion of the training, the volunteers are provided with seedlings to plant and grow their own food.


The Zandspruit community food garden has been established and will soon be providing nutritious food for a soup kitchen. The soup kitchen is aiming to serve a medical clinic which is nearby. Those vulnerable community members attending the clinic will be provided a wholesome meal, with which to take their medication. For many people in the community, this could be their only daily meal.


The food garden is also being used to teach young children at a local creche the importance of nutrition and producing their own food.


Cosmo City Farmers


Impophomo was able to identify a group of 10 men in Cosmo City that had begun farming in their back gardens to provide for their families after losing their jobs at the peak of the Covid pandemic. We have provided them necessary equipment and training, which has helped improve their yield. This group is now able to provide for their families and have even extended their farming activities to vacant land that was previously used for dumping.


Envisioning the youth: MyFuture

Impophomo reached out to the youth of Zandspruit, utilising the MyFuture programme, which forms part of Umsizi’s broad-based livelihood programme.


MyFuture has no barriers to entry, and seeks to envision the youth with hope and practical life skills. Subjects covered include having attendees consider their purpose, how to utilise their learning and aim for work. These issues are coupled with very pragmatic skills, such as how to run and manage a business including how to earn money, manage it and make it grow. This holistic programme also covers nutrition and family relationships.


Many attendees followed up their MyFuture programme with the horticulture training, attending the workshops with enthusiasm. Many are now volunteering at the Zandspruit food garden.


Some of our other projects this year


After the destructive unrest that the country saw in July of this year, we were able to make monetary donations to particular community churches in KwaZulu Natal.


We have assisted with house restoration and improvement of a key partner and community servant in the informal settlement of Lion Park.


There has been ongoing distribution of clothes, food packs and food vouchers via Northpoint City Church in Randburg, Johannesburg to needy individuals and families in the community.


Impophomo is still actively reaching out to our most vulnerable until December 2021…


We have projects on the go for the last few weeks of 2021, such as the Impophomo Christmas outreach. Stationery, toiletries, educational toys as well as treats are being collected. For details on how you can get involved, contact us for a complete list of the specific items that can be donated, volunteering on the day, or the details for direct monetary contributions.


… And looking forward to 2022 


We are planning to continue these projects and initiatives as we expand our reach in the new year.


Contact our offices to see how you and your company can join in partnering with us in making a lasting impact on poverty alleviation, and seeing more fellow South Africans prosper and thrive in the years to come.