Msawawa and Zandspruit Shack Fires

On the 11th November 2015 a fire broke out in the informal settlement of Msawawa near Kya Sands North of Johannesburg. Impophomo together with NorthPoint City Church and CityHope Disater relief, managed to help out at least half of the families affected by this tragedy! CityHope Disaster relief donated 300 food buckets to the affected families of Msawawa. These food buckets contained basic food stuff such as, maize meal, oil, rice and tinned food as well as a blanket. This bucket contained enough content to feed a family of 4 for an entire month! The Impophomo team delivered the buckets to Msawawa and not only provide them with something to start building themselves up again, but also got the chance to teach this community about Jesus and spread the Gospel. On the 1st of February disaster struck again 30 shacks caught a light in the community of Zandspruit and thanks to CityHope’s generoussity of donating 365 food buckets for the destitute communities of Msawawa and Zandspruit.