Karen Zoid Partners with Momentum to Empower Women in Support of Impophomo

Momentum has joined forces with South Africa’s Queen of Rock, Karen Zoid, to empower women. The SAMA winning rockstar has recorded the song Guiding Light as part of Momentum’s #SheOwnsHerSuccess initiative. It was launched at Momentum Investments CEO’s special event “Getting Personal with Jeanette Marais.”


50% of all the song’s royalties will be donated towards Impophomo’s continuing efforts to uplift and empower women.


Jeanette had an interview with our very own John-Mark. As described in the video, John-Mark is the visionary behind Impophomo. In the interview he speaks about his motivation to see people empowered and uplifted.


Jeanette was looking to support an organisation that was truly making a difference in the lives of women. She recognised that Impophomo fits that description. Jeanette further explained that she wanted to support a “smaller” charity. She acknowledges that for these smaller NGO’s it really is commendable to receive support. Without a well-known brand, support is truly earned.


John-Mark had an opportunity to explain Impophomo’s chief focus to the Momentum Investments CEO. The name Impophomo means “rushing waters”, and John-Mark described Impophomo’s vision as to bring “rushing waters of development, empowerment, joy and dignity to those without a voice.” The focus is on the most vulnerable and poorest in society. Sadly, the most vulnerable in society are often women.


Impophomo has three main facets in its efforts to alleviate poverty. In time this will lead to poverty eradication. The first is humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in South Africa. There are desperate needs that need immediate attention. The second is livelihoods. Here we equip people with the skills to provide for themselves. The third focus is actual empowerment. Here we consider the various aspects of the individual. These include emotional and spiritual facts of people. We also need to consider the systems in place in the environment. Our integrated programmes aim to reach the whole person. They also do not leave people in a state of dependency after addressing the most urgent needs.


Impophomo sees the value in beginning with where you are. What is it that you have “in your hand”? That is where we can begin to help the poorest of the poor: with what we have. We have helped people learn to grow food for themselves, grow in business and engage in manufacturing.


We have helped thousands of women regain dignity. “Dignity is about self-worth, and when you don’t have dignity, there is no self-worth,” as John-Mark says in the video. Thousands of women across hundreds of communities in South Africa are now standing tall. This is despite often severe marginalisation. “We firmly believe if you want to empower a household, you empower the women.”


Impophomo also focuses its integrated programmes on mentoring in youth development. Career mentorship is a key focus of ours. We have already impacted the lives of hundreds of this country’s senior high-school kids and school leavers.


All these programmes form a cohesive aim to create as many “productive economic opportunit[ies] for the vulnerable to be proud of themselves… [and] to provide for their families and thereby enter the economy and be wonderful prospering citizens who can hold their heads up high.”


At the end of the interview Jeanette presented a very generous donation from Momentum of R25000. This will be used by Impophomo to continue to see women uplifted and empowered. This is an investment into effective and accountable socio-economic development. We are very grateful for the support from Momentum and Karen Zoid.

The song is available on all major music platforms. Be part of the solution by downloading it today, on Deezer, Spotify, Apple’s music store and YouTube Music. Share with friends and family. Spread the word, support the cause!


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