Zandspruit – Shack Fires – 1 June 2014

During the early hours of Sunday, 1 June 2014, five informal houses burnt down again in Zandspruit, Northwest of Johannesburg. Impophomo joined hands with Dorcas Aid and supplied much needed emergency food, clothing & blankets as well as other household goods, in order to assist these poor people to rebuild their homes & lives. Sadly the life of one young man, aged only 31 years of age was lost during this disaster, which happens far too often during this time of year, especially when temperatures start falling. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

We still hereby request that you contact us at Impophomo, if you would like to donate much needed non – perishable food, blankets and clothing in order to assist us in taking care of these people who often loose all their earthly belongings in these fires.